Bengals and Steelers renew intense rivalry on Sunday

When the Steelers faced the Bengals for the 2015 Wild Card playoff game, I knew they’d chew and spit each other out. That was a game to remember where violence and dirty plays ran rampant.

Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict singehandedly injured three of the Steelers biggest offensive stars. Their brut and forceful ways caught up to them on the last drive of that game and eventually cost them the chance to advance to the next round.

Chances are some flags will be flying on Sunday.

Memories from game are probably gone from most of the players minds and players from both teams will show eachother respect. The coaches will have them ready and focused on an important AFC North battle

“I just go out there and play football,” Leveon Bell Said

“Obviously Bengals-Steelers will always be nitty-gritty. It’s football. It’s a little smack talk, maybe some plays from one side or another side where one team may think it’s dirty or uncalled for. It’s football. It’s a rivalry game” he continued.

If the game on Sunday is anything like the 2015 Wild Card game, it will be an interesting one to watch.

You can watch the highlights from the 2015 Wild Card playoff game between the Steelers and the Bengals here