Anthony Barr believes his tackle was not dirty

Whether Anthony Barr’s tackle on Aaron Rodgers was dirty or not has been up for debate since last Sunday. The league has decided not to fine Barr for the tackle.

When asked about the specific play, Barr has said “I don’t play dirty, we don’t preach that around here. It’s unfortunate, the injury. I hate to see anybody get hurt.”

Barr is claiming that if Rodgers had not gotten hurt on the play, nobody would be talking about it now. He might have a point, but we had a Video posted earlier in the day that shows excessive force during the takedown.

It’s that excessive force that is deemed as ‘dirty’ . The tackle was legal. It’s also possible that Aaron Rodgers was not expecting that hard of a tackle.

It quite honestly sucks that one of the best quarterbacks is out for the year, but this is football. This is the sport we all love. Shit happens. We hope that this injury does not convince the league to make another rule change, thus softening the game even more.