SNF Recap: What’s Wrong with the Falcons Offense ?

Tom Brady

The Falcons offense was top-tier last season. It is what got them to the Superbowl and no one thought that a change in Offensive coordinator would affect them this much.

The core of the offense has remained intact. Same QB, same WRs and same RBs. For some reason, they’re just off. Julio Jones, who is arguably top 3 receiver in the league, caught his first touchdown of year last night. That is crazy.

Jones said that the players “just weren’t on the same page,” .

Quarterback Matt Ryan expressed the same concern. “I just don’t think we’re as consistent as we can be. I think number one, it comes down to making plays when we have our opportunities. I thought we had some opportunities tonight with some shots down the field and I didn’t connect. So that’s something as a player, and as players, I think we just need to make our plays when we get our chances.”

The Patriots on the other hand looked very good. They rolled to a convincing 23-7 win, making it 54 unanswered points against the Falcons before Atlanta got on the board late.

New England was the better team last night, out coaching and out playing Atlanta. Tom Brady looked crisp, completing 21 of 29 passes for 249 yards , 2 touchdowns and no INT’s, The Falcons were able to apply some pressure at first, but Brady looked focused throughout the game.

Next week, New England hosts the Chargers and Atlanta visits the the Jets.