Giants GM Jerry Reese Feelin’ the Heat


New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese held a press conference on Tueday and explained to the media what he thinks is wrong with the team this year.

Reese believes too many people inside the organization `bought into the hype` and essentially overrated the team. He says the expectations were too high and that some believed the team would be one of the better teams of the year.

I guess they were wrong.

The Giants are 1-6 and we’re pretty sure you don’t lose six of seven games just because of high expectations in August. To his credit, Reese is taking all the blame for the roster he put together this year and the results achieved.

When asked about his future with the team, Reese answered “that’s up to the owners of the New York Giants, you can ask them that what they like. I just know that I come to work every day, and I know people come in here and work their behinds off every day, and so that is a question you should ask owners.” via ESPN’s Jordan Raanan.

Sounds like a G.M. on the hot seat.