Goin’ Back Back to Kizer, Kizer


Seems like a déja-vu. The Cleveland Browns announced today that Rookie QB Deshone Kizer will start against the Vikings in London.

It really shouldn’t matter at this point who the starting quarterback is. This QB carousel is a mess.

Kizer was benched two weeks ago in favor of Keving Hogan. Hogan did not separate himself from Kizer so the rookie was re-installed as starter, only to be benched again, this time for Cody Kessler.

The Browns just cannot find a solution to their quarterbacking woes. Coach Jackson is obvisouly not confident in Kizer and his moves suggest the coach is in panic mode. If Kizer doesn’t perform well on Sunday, will he get benched mid game again ? What happens if Kizer decides to go out the friday before the game ?

For now, the Browns are going back to the second rounder, but for how long ? Only time will tell